TVC’s And Audio Jingle

Television clips – TV commercials are also an effective means to deliver messages that concerns general people. As of now more than 100 TV commercials has been developed by the company. Traffic rules, anti-corruption, vital registration, road safety, child rights, cleanliness of Kathmandu valley, domestic Violence and early marriage, etc. are some of the popular TV commercials that are liked the most by people.

For the development of TV commercial it has worked with organizations like Department of Roads, Transport management, Ministry of Federal affairs and local development, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board, Plan InternationalCommission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, National Women’s Commission, Plan International, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, etc.

Audio Jingle:

Audio Jingle development is yet another key area that the company is focusing from the very beginning of its inception. It is primarily requested by public agencies to spread key messages that require to be disseminated to general public. So far Shubha Media Home has produced more than 100 audio jingles. The jingle produced by the organization during election time focusing on appealing people to vote; the jingle prepared for Nepal Bank highlighting the importance of public bank ; the jingle highlighting importance of nutrition, vaccination, tuberculosis and iodine ; the jingle for Nepal Telecom; the jingle for Citizen’s Investment Trust;  are some examples of audio jingles that became popular among people.

Here is the playlist of some popular videos.

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