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Over a decade having worked with highly experienced media professionals, starting Shubha Media Home on our own was a challenge yet an ambitious step. Building a team of enthusiasts, young and dynamic personals and years of producing highly effective outputs, Shubha Media today stands among one of the best and most experience media house. We advocate true and concrete messages, be it through news, entertainment, reports, we present what our audience demands. Creative minds with consciousness towards society are what our team comprises of and have been giving our best effortlessly. We have years of experience working with ministries, departments of Nepal government, diplomats, stakeholders, team of expertise, bilateral and multinational companies, NGOs and INGOs and many more commercial houses and individuals. Thus when it comes to making of best media tools and outputs, Shubha Media Home is by far the best name and we have never let our clients and partners down. After all we believe Media is for awareness, society and prosperity and will continue to serve at the highest level.

Punya Prasad (Saroj) Oli, Chairperson

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस्

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