• To highlight the everyday incident around the country, to infiltrate and broadcast issues, programs, messages with true knowledge, follow art of facility in technologies, create press club and broadcast news and entertainment as per the demand of mass audience.
  • To conduct preservation and awareness programs via advertisement, songs, music videos, films and short movies, theatre drama, cultural programs and developmental activities on the basis of fundamental human rights and socio-cultural aspects.
  • To reach out mass citizen and entertain them in righteous way by advocating true issues and aspects of social well-being and medium of recreation.
  • To co-ordinate and use all concerned stakeholders for the all-round development of society via truthfulness, honesty, punctuality, dutifulness, faithfulness and kindness with media and entertainment as a concrete medium.
  • To make Shubha Media Home Pvt. Ltd a household name among the viewers for right entertainment and stronghold of society for proper mass awareness.
  • To preserve culture and tradition of our country, and internationalize it to global world.
  • To conduct Interaction program, seminar, talk show, workshop and research activities in co-ordination with national and international stakeholders’ for the apparent commitment to develop civic and societal status of the nation.

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